2 lesbian scenes in 1 with Ana Foxxx, Brett Rossi and Eliza Jane

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Eliza Jane is not having the best day. She is trying to use the webcam but her viewers are complaining about what she is wearing and how her show is boring. She tries to plead with her audience and as she does so, her internet goes down. Desperate and frustrated, she wants a fairy godmother to come and rescue her. When Brett Rossi, her fairy mother appears, Eliza can not believe what she sees. Brett explains that he has 3 wishes and that he should not waste them.

Eliza needs her Internet backup and when Brett counts up to 3 and screams the magic word that her internet is working again. While Eliza contemplates what she should want for the next. Brett looks at her room and tells her that maybe it’s time to redecorate her.

While saying that magic works, the room changes and Eliza could not be happier. Brett says that the outfit Eliza is wearing is horrible and with a quick movement of the wand Eliza gets a makeover that makes her look as hot as shit. When Eliza’s viewers see Brett, they ask the girls if they can fuck together. It does not take long for Eliza to convince Brett to go with her. When the girls finish their show, Brett tells Eliza that she needs to leave, but Eliza begs her not to.

She was never as successful in camera races as she needs a girl to solve it. Brett tells him that he is really pushing his luck, but says he will grant one more wish before he leaves. She will send him to another girl, and just by waving a wand, Anna Foxx appears. Anna is perplexed by what she is doing there, but when Brett tells her to attend to all of Eliza’s needs, she does it with pleasure.

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