Angel Wicky and Diana Rius Warning: Shoplifters will be arrested

En este video

Dark-haired Diana Rius and her boyfriend are shopping at a fashion boutique, but when her boyfriend refuses to buy Diana a new scarf, she resorts to a 5-finger discount!

The store clerk, Alberto Blanco, catches Diana in the act, but when she shows Alberto his big natural tits, he looks away. However, the store manager, Angel Wicky, harshly criticizes the shoplifter when the store’s security system is activated.

Busty Angel is ready to teach this kinky thief a lesson and drags her into the back room to see what Diana has hidden in her yoga pants. Blonde Angel finds a butt plug stuck in Diana’s sweet little ass, Alberto sneaks in on the action, and the boutique turns into one big hot secret threesome right under Diana’s boyfriend’s nose!

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