BlacksOnBlondes – Bella Jane

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New video of BlacksOnBlondes. Bella Jane is an independent filmmaker, and like all “independent” film people, she has difficulty with budgets and locations. His current project is a western zombie, and he found a great studio package with a perfect set.

The problem? The man who runs the lot is taking his sweet time with Bella’s western outfit. What do you need to speed things up? Do we really have to answer that for you? Bella knows she’s going to kneel to please him; What Bella does not know is that there are four workers in the lot, and the word has spread! The foreman sucks his dick, we too!

Soon, Bella realizes that she’s going to take a gang bang to finish her game, and she’s fine with that! She is a black cock slut, and, in fact, she dressed like a whore to get the boss’s attention. Now that he has caught the attention of five hung bulls, it’s time to live his greatest fantasy … and something he’s never done before: an orgy!

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