Caught Behind the Bar with Bree Daniels and Casey Calvert

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Casey Calvert is serving drinks at work. With a crowded house, she is as busy as anyone on a nice, sunny afternoon. Bree Daniels is behind the counter, illuminating the counter.

When Casey decides to take a break, Bree does not think she includes Casey by kneeling and eating her. But that is exactly what he is doing. While Casey licks her clitoris, Bree tries to pass unnoticed by cleaning the counter and making eye contact with the passing clientele. By the time Casey makes Bree run, everyone in the bar is watching.

When Casey returns after serving some drinks, Bree kneels and returns the favor. When Casey runs through Bree’s mouth, the girls have an audience of spectators cheering them on.

Then, when the girls at the bar tell them to kiss, they kiss. When they ask you to grab the asses of others, they do it. When Casey and Bree get on the bar, the girls have no care in the world.

Everyone there looks at them and encourages them. The girls begin to undress, making eye contact while they do it. It is clear that they have chemistry and they are not shy to show it. Once undressed, their pussies intertwine as the tribulation. Once Casey goes to bed, Bree sits on her face and fucks her until she cums.

When Bree goes to bed, all she wants is Casey’s pussy in her mouth. Eager to cum, she fucks Bree’s face until she explodes. Shy at first, the girls are now surrounded by everyone in the place, and, as reluctant as they are to share their love with the world, they are no longer timid

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