Janitor in the Tub Alex More, Kendra Lynn, Lucas Frost

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Kendra Lynn is answering the phones at work. The day has been slow and no one has booked an appointment yet.

When Alex More enters the reception area, Kendra can not believe how sexy she looks in her red underwear. Alex asks if anyone enters, but Kendra informs her that this is not the case. Unable to keep their hands to themselves, the girls believe that maybe they could kill some time together. The girls lean on the reception and begin to kiss, Alex begins to play with Kendra’s clitoris, rubbing it quickly while Kendra runs. Kendra is eager to return the favor and suggests that she give Alex a Nuru massage.

Alex could not be happier while the girls walk in the back room. Without the knowledge of either of them, the concierge, Lucas Frost, is cleaning the back room.

When he hears voices that speak in the distance, he gets nervous and hides in the jacuzzi. When Alex goes to bed, Kendra pours oil all over her perfect body. Lucas looks and can not help but get hard when the girls hit him in front of him. I started to masturbate but moaned a little too loud; Alex hears it. I tried to get up to leave but the girls pulled him on the carpet. They tear off his clothes, then they pour oil on his body and start to masturbate him. Then they begin to blow it. The girls are taking the reins here, and with all the day to them, it seems it’s time to teach this janitor that a lesson is out there that he will never forget.

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