Lesbian meditation session with Veronica Rodriguez and Jayden Cole

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Jayden Cole speaks on the phone when Veronica Rodriguez enters her appointment at 3 o’clock. Jayden hangs up the phone and, introducing herself, makes a gesture for Veronica to follow her. The girls sit while Jayden begins the session with some breathing exercises and guided meditation. Jayden makes sure to tell Veronica to keep her eyes closed as she examines her in tight-fitting yoga attire. His 3 o’clock is smoking.

She begins to caress her breasts and run her hands over her pussy. Veronica, whose eyes are still closed, has no idea what is happening. Jayden takes off the top part to reveal her perfect breasts and her hard nipples like rocks. She approaches Veronica and starts playing with her pussy.

Then, he slides his hands under his yoga pants, finally takes them off. Guiding her to inhale and exhale, she puts her fingers inside her and follows the same movement. She can barely contain herself as she starts to cum. Veronica opens her eyes and finds her instructor completely naked, coming out right in front of her.

She gets up to leave, but Jayden stops her to explain that this session is an exotic meditation that promotes the deepest sense of relaxation possible. When Veronica insists that this is not what she signed up for, Jayden reminds her that her friends come here all the time and that they probably forgot to tell her.

To encourage her to feel more comfortable, Jayden asks Veronica if she would like to take off her clothes. She hesitates, but finally obeys. Jayden begins to massage her body as she runs her hands over her tits and pussy, finally penetrating it with her fingers. Jayden finally makes Veronica run while playing with her pressure points, making sure she will return for a new visit.

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