Love and leverage with Sarah Vandella, Shavelle Love and Sami Parker

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Two friends of Dylan Snow; Shavelle Love and Sami Parker somehow got compromising photos of their stepmother Sarah Vandella sucking the dick from her neighbors. They could use this as leverage to not only humiliate her, but also maybe get some benefits from the deal as well.

They ran to Sarah in her house and started trying to negotiate with her. Basically, all they wanted was to be able to use their pool whenever they wanted and have him fuck his stepson into believing it was them, since he always crawls on them and tries to lie down.

They even added that they would tell Sarah’s husband if she refused. At this point, Sarah had no choice but to yield. Sami and Shavelle took Dylan to the room where they blindfolded him and told him he was about to get fucked. Sarah then jumped into the room and began to descend on him. Just as she was taking his cock deep, the blindfold was pushed and Dylan saw what her stepmother was doing.

He went crazy, but Sarah quickly mounted his cock to shut him up, all the while Sami and Shavelle were bothering them. However, his unkind words did not hit too hard, Dylan and Sarah overcame the hatred and ended proudly with a facial full of family. Sami and Shavelle may have won the battle, but Dylan and Sarah will surely win the war.

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