Masters of parents and teachers with Ariella Ferrera, Nicolette Shea and Johnny Sins

En este video

Nicolette Shea and Ariella Ferrera are living the perfect life, or so it seems. Together they are raising a child, but everyone has complaints in a marriage, right? Nicolette is a sexy housewife who wants more attention (and fuck!)

And Ariella is a busy woman who wants to understand (and fuck!). When her son’s teacher (Johnny) requests a private meeting, they prepare it at home to accommodate Ariella, but she immediately gives a bad impression when she arrives late and consumed with work items. Nicolette can not avoid seeking external attention and begins to play with the teacher. Ariella has a similar desire, except that she manages to be trapped.

It is not hypocritical, Nicolette is not angry about the infidelity, but she is angry because Ariella has the energy to fuck with someone who is not her. Well, if that’s what was missing, a big dick, Nicolette will make sure he has it all … and more.

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