Meditation session part 2 with Veronica Rodriguez and Jayden Cole

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After an intense meditation session, Jayden Cole gives Veronica Rodriguez the release she has been waiting for. When Veronica asks if they have finished, Jayden informs her that there is more and that she should follow her to the yoga room for the second part of the session. Jayden tells Veronica to grab a mat and put it on the floor. Jayden begins the class and asks Veronica to follow her example and instructions.

Veronica moves her hips from side to side while Jayden admires her curves and her perfect little ass. Once they finish yoga it is time for some breathing exercises. Veronica closes her eyes while Jayden leads another guided meditation session. It’s not long before Jayden gets Veronica’s breasts in his hands.

Veronica laughs saying that she is not falling in love with that trick again, but Jayden can not keep her hands to herself. When she grabs Veronica’s breasts and begins to kiss her neck, Veronica starts to moan uncontrollably. Jayden puts her fingers inside Veronica’s pussy. Just a second inside and Veronica is dripping all over her yoga mat.

She again strokes her and moistens her pussy as she approaches Veronica, puts her pussy on top of hers and starts making scissors. The girls run everywhere. Jayden places Veronica on four legs and fingers again making her spurt all over. Veronica returns the favor by sitting on Jayden’s face and spreading her pussy juice all over her mouth. Girls can not keep their hands apart. It seems it’s time to book another session!

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