MomsTeachSex – Hot breast pie with Emma Hix and India Summer

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MomsTeachSex and the incredible mom India Summer is preparing a late afternoon madness. His stepson Logan Long finds the cake that India has made and decides to have fun with it, while putting his finger on the bark he comes up with some ideas, until suddenly he puts his cock inside the soft filling of the cake and India sees him as he does . He falls to his knees in front of Logan’s huge cock and begins to rub with it and suck it to clean it of all the stuffing until he gets to fill it with all his cum.

Later, the whole family is eating with Logan’s girlfriend, Emma Hix but he just wants to have fun and looks for the Indian skirt to start caressing her pussy with her feet, a wet pussy and with Logan’s fingers inside. But Emma also wants to play and with her feet caresses Logan’s cock while he fucks her stepmother’s pussy.

Emma just wants to eat Logan’s cock and slips under the table to put it in her mouth, sucking and stroking, she even manages to give a big blowjob to Logan’s big cock. They almost get away with it, but India gets up to begin clearing the table and catches them.

India decides to show Emma some better movements than she observed. Soon the two girls take turns to suck Logan’s cock. Their clothes come out gradually until both girls are naked. Emma’s panties are the last to disappear when Logan helps her up onto the couch to feast and finger her creamy pussy. Meanwhile, India gives Logan directions to do much better with Emma.

India has the opportunity, decides to teach Emma one or two things about licking her pussy. While Logan continues to hit Emma’s boot, India climbs into Emma’s face so that her landing gear is in a perfect position. Then guide Emma through the art of the carpet until the blonde has graduated. The girls take a short break while they take turns sucking on Logan again, but India is not willing to let her sex session end without being fucked. Deceiving his stepmother from behind, Logan keeps his job as the personal stallion of two beautiful girls while Emma plays with her balls and torments the clitoris of India.

Then India helps Logan to sit on the couch and guides Emma down on his cock. When Logan is about to cum, he fills Emma’s pussy with a splash of milk that India licks so he can taste the delicious milk with Emma.

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