Muslim teen gets milk with Ella Knox

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Johnny has been looking to move up in his company for a while and today was his great opportunity. His boss called him and asked if he could see his daughter, which was the perfect opportunity to get some points. He accepted cordially and then was greeted by little Ella Knox.

She was wrapped in her hijab, but I could still tell that this girl had huge tits and most likely a body of heart attack. They started chatting and decided to go for a walk. This is where Johnny’s primary impulses came into play. The boss’s daughter, who was super rich and ripe to drink, needed a good whore, and he would be the guy who would give it to her. He lifted his hijab to reveal his fantastic ass and began to tighten it.

Then they went back for a snack and it turns out that Ella preferred to suck Johnny’s cock instead of a good cold drink. She did not have much experience in sucking poyas, but she still performed very well. Johnny then placed his cock inside her well-kept pussy for the fucked up of her life. He even tried to sneak inside her so she would be his forever and could be part of his rich family. She was definitely not feeling that vibration, threatened to tell her father, and ran away. See you in nine months darling

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