The new make-up artist with Riley Reid, Kristina Rose and Chloe Cherry

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Chloe Cherry finally graduated from makeup school and it’s her first day at work. His boss orders him to work with the delicious Riley Reid. The girls have instant chemistry: they can not avoid flirting with each other. But Kristina Rose is not impressed, she’s filming a scene with Riley today and she wonders who this new girl is and why she’s being so unprofessional. She complains with her make-up artist that her new girl is making her uncomfortable: Kristina needs chemistry with Riley so that the scene turns out well.

Her boss asks Chloe to go look for some makeup sponges, it’s the perfect time to talk with Riley, but she has a different idea. He excuses himself in the bathroom to see what Chloe is up to. Riley climbs upstairs and closes the door behind them, trying to seduce her. Chloe is worried about her work and does not think this is the best idea, but Riley has her eyes on her and will get what she wants.

He lowers his shirt and begins kissing her breast, licking her nipples while covering his mouth to make sure no one can hear them. Kristina is fed up and goes up the stairs to investigate only to find the girl hugging herself. She runs into the bathroom, tells Chloe that she is going to lose her job because of this. Chloe begs her and Kristina offers her an ultimatum, flog her instead of Riley. She reluctantly accepts that Kristina starts eating her pussy, Riley looks at them, but only for a moment as she begins to kiss Chloe as well. Both fall on Riley making her cum again and again!

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