The return of the fake plumber with Canela Skin and Foxy Sanie

En este video

Lovers of lesbians Foxy Sanie and Canela Skin are snogging in their apartment, and things start to get hot and heavy.

Cinnamon goes to the bathroom to take a bath, and while waiting, Foxy pulls out a leash and starts using the toy in her pussy. Upon returning to the room, Canela regrets to inform Foxy that the water is not working.

The women call a plumber, and Martin Gun, the fake Handyman, responds to the call. While Martin fixes the pipes, the lesbians can not help but play a little more.

Seeing two sexy ladies get hooked gives Martin an erection, so he joins the ladies to get a good face with her tits. The ladies take turns shaking their big asses up and down on his cock!

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