You have wet the bed with Abella Danger and Mindi Mink

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Mindi Mink washes clothes when she realizes that the sheets of her stepdaughter, Abella Danger, are wet. Wondering what she is up to at night, she reminds herself that she will have to confront Abella about this. She goes to Abella’s room and asks him what’s going on.

Abella is apprehensive and shy and has a hard time telling Mindi what is happening. When Mindi presses her, she tells him that when she touches herself she tends to cum a lot. When Mindi realizes that her stepdaughter is a squirter, everything starts to make sense. When he asks Abella to show him how he does it, Abella starts to doubt.

Mindi reminds him that they are close and that they should not have any secret, so Abella takes off her shorts and shows them to her.

Not a moment passes before the stockings of her pussy cover the entire bed. Abella asks her stepmother if that is normal and Mindi assures her that it is not only normal, it is a beautiful and exceptional talent.

Mindi can not believe how incredibly gifted Abella is. Abella wants to show her mom how easy it is for her to squirt. She starts to play with herself and hose the whole bed with more cum. When Mindi confesses that she would like to make her feel so good, Abella worries and says that her father would not like it.

When Mindi assures her that it will be her little secret, Abella begins to take off Mindi’s clothes. Mindi wants to try and does not hesitate to start eating Abella’s pussy. Abella runs down her face.

Abella asks her mother to fuck her, so Mindi sits in her mouth, scampering everywhere. When the girls finish, the sheets should be changed again, but that’s fine. It looks like the girls will be messing up their fair share of blankets together!

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