Zebra Girls con Abella Danger, Aaliyah Hadid y Noemie Bilas

En este video

Abella Danger is the new girl on campus, and she’s making friends quickly. His two new friends? Noemie Bilas and Aaliyah Hadid. Everyone lives in the same bedroom, and when we look inside, we can hear the girls gossiping about boys. Soon, the discussion changes … to a secret club. A club where Noemie and Aaliyah are, and who would like to start Abella: the Safo Sisters! Sisters members resemble most other girls on campus; they dress almost like all the other girls; they go out with boys and take their studies seriously; but, there are times when the Sisters like to entertain themselves, and that is when children are not allowed!

This story takes a funny turn almost immediately. Noemie and Aaliyah have no idea that Abella not only loves to play with girls, but Abella is an expert. Abella loves to eat her pussy and lick her ass, and she has a specialty: on a leash! But first, Abella is going to show her skills in the art of double penetration! Then, she will give orgasms to both Noemie and Aaliyah before Aaliyah finally admits, “I think we have a new Queen of the Sisters! Abella Danger!”

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